How to Make Rings with Teardrop Beads

Who here love handmade rings? Here is a quick video tutorial ¬†on how to make rings with teardrop beads ūüôā This ring is so easy to make that you can create rings in several colors in one sitting which is perfect when you want to give gifts to your girl friends and family members.

Materials and Tools:
14 teardrop beads (1.2 cm in diameter)
Ring findings (ring blanks with ring cap)
Nylon thread (80 cm length)
Flat nose pliers


ring blanks


ring cap


teardrop beads



Step by step Procedure;

Step 1. Place the nylon thread inside the needle and leave 2 cm of the thread. At the end of the thread, make 3 knots to prevent the beads from falling off.


Step 2. String the first bead into the needle.


Step 3.  Start with the first  layer of the bead cap by inserting the needle into the second row  bead hole and pull the string tightly.

16.1 16







Step 4. Insert the string on to the next bead hole still in the second row and pull tightly the string.


Step 5. Insert the needle into the hole of the bead. Then, you can have  your first bead.

4 4.1

Step 6. For the second bead, insert again another teardrop bead next to the first bead. Then insert the needle to the nearest next bead hole after the first bead. Then,bring it back again from the back and insert the needle to the hole of the second teardrop bead same with the first one.



Step 7. Repeat the process until all the bead hole in the second layer is fully inserted with teardrop beads.


Step 8.  For the next layer, insert the needle into one of the first row hole from the center hole from the back.

7.1 7


Step 9. Insert the a teardrop bead for the next layer. Then, insert the needle to the nearest next hole to the back



Step 10. Then bring it back to the front by inserting the needle to the hole before the next hole. And continue it by inserting the needle into the hole of the teardrop  same process you did from the first layer.

9 9.1

Step 11. Continue the process by filling all the bead holes in the bead cap same with the first layer


Step 12. Pass the needle in one of the few beads to tighten the position before cutting off the excess.

11.1 11

Step 13. Once the beads are secure in the bead cap, cut off the excess nylon


Step 14. Place the bead cap into the bead ring


Step 15. Using a flat nose plier, press the four little excess portion of the bead ring that will hold the bead cap to secure its position.


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  1. Here do you get th e bead cap with holes?


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