How to Make Necklaces with Crystal Balls

Need a new jewelry that you can wear on formal ocassions, but would like something quick and easy to make? Try learning how to make necklaces with crystal balls? Here is a short video showing you how to use crystal balls to make an elegant necklace.

Materials and tools:
Crystal balls in different sizes
20ga copper wires
Jump rings
Flat nose pliers
Round nose pliers
Wire cutter



Steps in making the elegant crystal ball necklace:

  1. Use crystal balls of different sizes of 1.5 cm, 1.2 cm and about 12 of 0.6 cm in diameter.a1
  2.  In making the loop, prepare 2.8 cm in length of copper wire and 1.2 cm in diameter of crystal ball. Insert the wire into the ball leaving each both ends measuring 0.9 cm.a2
  3. Place the crystal ball at the middle and at one end of the wire make a 90 degree bend using a flat nose pliera3a31








4. Using a pair of flat nose plier,place it at the end of wire and start making a turn by turning your wrist in to make the loop. Do the same to the other side of the wire.

















5.To connect the beads, use a jump rings. Open the jump ring using two flat nose pliers. Place one plier on the right and the other to the left. Open it by twisting it up and down


6.Insert the jump rings in one of the loops of the bead and connect it to the other loops of the other beads


7. Close the jump rings using two flat nose plier by pushing the two to the center. Now, you have three beads of different sizes connected with each other using the jump rings.


8. Continue the process until you chain up all the crystal balls.


9.  Take one end of the crystal ball and open the loop by pulling the looped wire sideways



10. Attach the chain then close the loop again.


11.Attach a jump ring onto the chain where you can hook your clasp.


12. Using a flat nose plier, close the jump ring.



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