How to make floating Illusion Necklace Tutorial

Illusion necklace, sometimes known as floating beads necklace is a very easy to make necklace. You just need to use some beads, illusion cord or tiger tail and crimp beads to make this beautiful necklace!.  Here’s the video showing you How to make Illusion Necklace Tutorial :



The following are the tools and materials in making the illusion necklace.

For the cord, you can use either tiger tails or nylon thread.

Step 1: Put together the 2 strands of tiger tail as shown in the figure


Step  2: Insert a crimp bead to make two strands of tiger tail

3 - Copy

Step 3:Insert the top strand of tiger tail back into the crimp bead in order to make a loop


Step 4:Pull the crimp bead upward to make a smaller loop


Step 5: Once the desired small loop is made, use a flat nose plier to flatten the part of the crimp bead in order to position the loop as seen in the figure


Step  6 :Start working on one strand of the tiger tail by inserting beads in the following order. Crimp bead – bead- crimp bead. Then push it towards the start of the necklace and leave about 2 cm distance from the loop.


Step 7: To position the bead firmly, use the flat nose plier to press the crimp bead. You  need to do this on both ends of the glass bead.


Step  8: Continue to create more beads for the first tail and once finish do the same for the other tail. Shown in the figure are the two strands of tiger tail completed with beads.


Step  9:To complete the necklace, make a loop on the other end of the strands. Insert a crimp on the two tails and place it a distance away from the last bead.



Step  10: Insert the top strand of tiger tail back into the crimp bead in order to make a loop. Adjust the bead to have a loop of similar size.


Step  11: Using a flat nose plier, press the crimp bead to position the loop. Then, lastly put the jump ring and the clasp.


Here’s the final output of Illusion Necklace. You can make few necklace and wear it as multi strand necklace. It will look nice for sure!


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