Handmade Jewelry Ideas with Shell Beads and Components

When it comes to handmade jewelry ideas, shells, I believe are the first kinds of beads/materials that the tribes used to make jewelry. As years passed shells has been replaced by seedbeads, crystals and many other popular types of beads.

Though shell beads are now seldom used in making jewelry, it cannot be denied that these materials can still give that elegance and uniqueness we all are looking for in a handmade jewelry just like when you used popular materials available in the market these days. As a matter of fact, handmade jewelry made from shell is very rare and can be considered a timeless piece.

Now, how many kinds of shells do you know? Hahaha I for one, only know a few, but I am surprised that there are many choices to choose from! Shell beads are available in different types of materials such as these we have below:

Mother-of-Pearl ShellCowrie ShellRed Lip ShellArk Shell
Black Lip ShellEverlasting ShellPen ShellBrown Lip Shell

We can combine shells with seedbeads, crystals and other beads available in the market, but shell beads will go well with shell components.

CabochonsPendants, Drops and FocalsLinksButtons & Embellishments

Wondering how to make handmade jewelry with shell beads and components? Why not try the Aphrodite’s Song bib necklace designed by Esther Pollock! VISIT THE TUTORIAL HERE

Explore more making handmade jewelry with shell beads and components and create rare and timeless handmade jewelry!


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