Flower Girls Bracelet Beading Tutorial

Strew flowers on your sweet little girls by making her the Flower Girls Bracelet! In this beading tutorial, you will learn how to create flowers and then link them together with gold seed beads that we’d like to call, “Golden Bridge.” Through simple weaving techniques, it is like you’re building a golden bridge and strewing colorful flowers on your path. Learning the technique of creating a flower, you can use the technique for making a single flower that you can use as earrings as well.


Materials needed:
(DS) 11/0 dark brown seed beads
(GS) 11/0 gold seed beads
(DB) 15 4mm dark blue bicone
(LB) 15 4mm light blue bicone
(PB) 15 4mm pink bicone size
(VB) 15 4mm violet red bicone size
(PP) 15 4mm Purple bicone size
Nylon thread
Bar clasp
4 jump rings
Step 1:

Cut 1 arm length of nylon thread. String 2 needles at both ends. Thread in 4 dark brown seedbeads.

Step 2:

Cross the left thread into the last seed bead on the right. This is how it should look like.

Step 3:

On your left thread (LT) string 5GS, 1DS, 1B

On your right thread (RT) string 1B, 1DS

Step 4:

Cross left thread (LT) into last DS on right thread (RT).

Step 5:

Add 4DS on right thread then cross left thread into last DS on right thread.

Step 6:

On RT add 1B, 1DS.

Step 7:

Insert the thread back into the bicone bead, pull to tighten the flower.

Step 8:

Pass the thread into the nearest DS bead.

Step 9:

Add 1B, 1DS.

Step 10:

Insert thread back to bicone bead then pass the thread into the nearest DS bead.

Step 11:

Repeat Step 9 & 10 and this is how it should look like.

Step 12:

Bring the thread at the bottom, pass thru 1DS.

Step 13:

Then insert the thread into 1DS, 1B, 1DS at the top.

Step 14:

Insert the thread into 1B, 1DS.

So now you have 2 threads coming out of 2 tips right next to the gold bridge.

Follow the rest of the video and continue to finish the bracelet.

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Do not copy or mass produce.

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