DIY Wire Twisting: Clustered Twisted Necklace

Remember the wire twisting tutorial we did a few weeks back? We started with a pair of earrings, “Twisted Earrings.”We also created “Grapes Twisted Bracelet.” Today, we’re going to use wire twisting technique again with our DIY Wire Twisting: Clustered Twisted Necklace!

In this tutorial, you’ll again master the art of wire twisting and create a uniquely gorgeous piece of wire twisted necklace. Create branch-like wires with clusters of pearls and teardrop beads using the wire twisting technique. The pearls and teardrops used add glamor and you can easily manipulate and adjust the position of the branches to your liking. The design for this piece is endless as you can create 3 or more variations using different types and sizes of beads.There is no specific number of twisting needed to create the necklace. You can twist as many times as you like. Doing so will also create variations to the length and look of the necklace.


Step 1.

Cut 70 inches 0.3mm (28ga) copper wire and fold in half. Grip the folded part with your round nose pliers then start twisting the wire and start twisting the wire.

diy wire twisting

This is how it should look like. We will call this twisted wire “stem.”

diy wire twisting


Step 2:

After twisting slide in a jump ring. Wrap the end of the wire onto the jump ring 2 times. Then wrap the wire onto the “stem” 2 times.

diy wire twisting


Step 3:
Now we will start to form the branches.
Separate the untwisted part of the stem. On one wire slide in the following:
pearl, seed bead, pearl, seed bead, pearl and seed bead.


diy wire twisting


Bring the wire up and form a circle.

diy wire twisting


Then twist the wire to form a branch.

diy wire twisting


After forming the branch bring the wire downward like so. Now, you have a cluster of grapes.

diy wire twisting


Do the same for the other side.

diy wire twisting


Step 4:

Continue and form another stem. Bring the wires together and twist. Separate the untwisted part of the wire. Take 1 wire and slide in 2 seed beads, pearl and 2 seed beads.

diy wire twisting


Again, form a circle. Bring the wires together and twist 6 to 8 times to create a branch and a cluster.

diy wire twisting


Then on the same wire continue to slide in 2 seed beads, teardrop bead and 2 seed beads.

diy wire twisting



Bring the wires together and twist to create a cluster and branch.

diy wire twisting


Step 5:

Continue creating clusters for the other side. You may twist as many times as you like and create the look of the necklace you want to achieve.

diy wire twisting

diy wire twisting


Step 6:

After reaching your desired length and about to end the necklace, twist the wire, matching the length at the beginning of the necklace to create the last part of the stem. Slide in your jump ring and wrap the twisted wire 2 times onto the jump ring and continue to wrap onto the stem. Cut off excess wires.

diy wire twisting


Step 7:

Open the jump ring and attach your clasp.

diy wire twisting


Adjust the branches and clusters to your desired look and shape. Voila! You’re done with your Clustered Twisted Necklace.

diy wire twisting

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Happy? See how many variations you can make with wire twisting technique! Don’t be afraid to try and explore the art of jewelry making 🙂


By the way, a PDF copy for these wire twisting tutorials is also available for your purchase at DIY Beading

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