DIY Bracelet: How to Make a Tree Stem Bracelet

Here’s a simple DIY bracelet where you’ll learn how to make a bracelet with diamond beads, tree stems findings and eye pin. Jewelry Kit is also available. Here is the video tutorial.


Materials:                                                                                   Tools

  • 6 round beads (1.6 cm in diameter)                               long nose plier
  • Tree stem findings                                                           flat nose plier
  • Eye pin                                                                                wire cutter
  • Bracelet graspc1
  • Step by step Procedure:
    1. Begin by inserting the eye pin into the round bead. Since a loop is already made on one side make another loop on the other side.








  1. Using a flat nose plier, hold the wire and make a 90 degree bend


  1. To make a loop, cut off an excess wire and leave around 1 cm using a wire cutter.


  1. Place your long nose plier on the remaining wire and make a loop.


  1. Check if the loop is in the center. If not, open the loop and adjust it using the plier and after close it again.


  1. In inserting the tree stem, open the loop slightly using the long nose plier



  1. Place the tree stem into the loop. Close it back using the plier.


  1. Repeat the process and make about 5 pairs of round bead attach to the tree stem.


  1. For the final set, make a round bead without the tree stem. Now, all things are ready to be chained up to make the bracelet.


10. Using the bead without the tree steam, open up slightly the loop using the long nose plier.


  1. Place the tree stem from the second set on to the first set.


  1. Continue with the subsequent set and come up with this one.


  1. Place the bracelet grasp into the bracelet by using a jump ring between the bracelet and the bracelet grasp. Using two pliers, open the jump ring up and down


  1. Insert the jump rings into the loop of the bracelet at the same time the bracelet grasp


  1. The close the jump rings with the pliers.


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