Jewelry Making Book Review: Make It Sparkle by Lindsay Burke

If you’re not a beading or wire jewelry making expert, this book is the perfect guide for you on how to make your own handmade jewelry, but let me tell you about the author first.

Lindsay Burke is the Chief Marketing Officer of Fusion Beads. Lindsay has worked with Fusion Beads for the past 15 years and has been beading at a very young age of 12.

Influenced and taught how to bead by an older relative, learning from others, reading books and taking beading classes she acquired her jewelry making skills. Now, she’s passing it on to her two beautiful daughters, Lexi and Livi; teaching them how to bead.

Creating clusters of crystals with graduating colors is always her go-to design and in her book, Make It Sparkle: 25 Dazzling Jewelry Designs to Make Any Occasion Special she will be teaching 25 colorful and dazzling jewelry designs suitable for any occasion.

Here are a number of things why I would highly recommend this book.
  • You don’t have to be an expert in beading techniques to create and follow the designs
  • Only basic wirework techniques are needed to create these sparkling jewelry pieces
  • Quick to finish jewelry ideas
  • All designs require minimum amount of sparkling gems and beads
  • Trendy jewelry designs

Check out some of the designs that I personally would love to create and wear!

Adorn your ensemble with this breathtaking bib necklace. It is simple to put together, but everyone will think it took hours to complete! Stack Party! Covering basic bangle bracelets with rhinestone chain and crystals will take the boring and make it extraordinary. Start with one and keep adding to your collection.Delicate chain fringe drapes from a rich green crystal pave bead. The on-trend design will add playful movement to your party outfit.
Bursting with bold colors, these easy earrings will be the pop of color you need. A beaded ring adds an extra touch of style.You will be cool as ice wearing this multi-strand necklace dripping with icy blue Swarovski crystals and rhinestone chain.A figure 8 of beautiful crystal beads strung onto beading wire will make a big statement while still being lightweight and easy to wear. Switch up the colors and make several pairs of earrings to go with every outfit.
Make It Sparkle: 25 Dazzling Jewelry Designs to Make Any Occasion Special


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