Beginner DIY Jewelry: Making Earrings

I find that making earrings is the easiest when I’m making my own handmade jewelry. Making earrings doesn’t have to be complicated. There are easy jewelry making techniques but can create fabulous and stylish handmade earrings!

Spiral caged earrings are fun to make. It’s easy, quick and inexpensive. If you like to make giveaway gifts or you simply just want to give something to your friends, the Spiral Caged Earrings is a good suggestion. I am sure your friends will love it!

Beginner skills you will learn with this jewelry tutorial are making loops, making spirals and attaching ear wires.

Materials and tools:

21ga wire
6mm beads or pearls
2 ear wires
2 head pins
flat nose pliers
wire cutter
round nose pliers


Step 1:

Prepare 26cm 2 pcs 21ga wire and mark the center part of the wire.

Step 2:

Grip one end of the wire with your round nose pliers and start to turn your wrist inwards to make a loop.

Step 3:

Grip the loop with your flat nose pliers and continue to turn your wrist inwards to make a continuous loop. Once you have a bigger loop you can use your fingers to hold the loop. Continue to make loops until you reach the center or the mark on the wire.

Step 4:

Here you have reached the center of the wire. Flip your wire so your loops is on your upper outward left side.


Step 5:

Repeat the process of making a continuous loop. Grip the other side of the wire with your round nose pliers and turn your wrist inward. Continue making the loop until you reach the center and the loops are side by side, going in opposite direction.

Step 6:

Sightly fold the 2 loops so they are now facing each other.

Step 7:

Create a dome shape by pushing the center of the loop outward with your pliers.

Step 8:

Insert a head pin in one of the loops.

Step 9:

Continue to insert the head pin into a 6mm bead then out the center of the 2nd loop and then close the loops.

Step 10:

Bend the head pin 90 degrees and then continue to make a loop.

Step 11:

Finally, attach the loop into your ear wire and you’re done! Repeat from start and create a pair of spiral caged earrings.

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I am a self-taught beadweaver who loves to learn and share her knowledge on jewelry making through blogging and published tutorials you'll find at DIY Beading

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