Wire Jewelry Ideas: How to make eye pins

In this post, I’ll be sharing essential wire jewelry ideas and that is how to make your own eye pins. As I always say, I’m a self-learned jewelry maker. I never had any formal classes on jewelry making, either on beading or wire working. Everything I’ve learned is from my mom who’s also a natural born crafter. I’ve improved my skills through trials and errors, reading and having the patience to learn, but I must admit, there’s still a lot to learn.
As years go by, I’ve created my own techniques to make jewelry making easy for me and I would like to share one tip with you today about how to make a loop. I know this is just simple, but even today; I couldn’t make a perfect loop on one try out. I would have to redo it several times in order to get the shape or loop that I want so I’ve figured out on my own on how to make easier.
So, here goes…


First, bend the tip of the wire and create an “L” shape.
wire jewelry ideas
Using your round nose pliers, hold the tip of the wire firmly with your right hand.
wire jewelry ideas
While holding your round nose pliers, start to turn your right hand clockwise while trying to push the other end of the wire, counterclockwise with your left hand.
wire jewelry ideas
Continue to turn your wire with your left hand counterclockwise with your right hand still firmly holding the loop.
wire jewelry ideas
Until you create a 180 degrees turn and create your loop.
wire jewelry ideas
Here are my loops that I’ve created in different sizes. Depending on your jewelry design you can create any size of loop you want. You can also use any rounded objects like the handles of your pliers. (That’s what I used to make the biggest loop.)
wire jewelry ideas
Loops also has many uses. It can be used as connectors for linking, as bails for pendants and dangles and ear wires.
So, that’s my jewelry making tip of the week. Hope you like it and helpful for you.
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