Handmade Jewelry:Be One with Nature

Do you spend most of your time outdoors just enjoying nature? Perhaps it would compliment your adventurous nature if you’ll add accessories that perfectly describes a perfect getaway for you.
If love the tropics, perhaps necklace and bracelet set from SterlingSimplicity and LasDosFridas8910 will perfectly compliment your lifestyle. The accessories feature a sand dollar, star fish and other marine creatures. It will always make you feel at ease and not miss the deep blue seas and the magnificent shores! However, if you’re into a “Boho chic” style of fashion, these unique combinations of shells perfectly wired together will just be fit for you. Such unique piece is pulled off by laromantica and HalfMoonFusion.
                by SterlingSimplicity
by  LasDosFridas8910  
by laromantic
by HalfMonnFusion
For all those whose heart lies in the mountains and born to
be wild and loves to go hiking, hand cut mountain necklace, rings and
bangle  by  NRjewellerydesign , openlittledrawer and HillySheep would
perfectly describes your exciting passion.
by NRjewellerydesign


by openlittledrawer


by HillySheep


Are you more into the silent and
solemn night life where you are enjoying the night sky – the constellations and
the stars? Yugentribe Team’s collection of planets in the solar system can provide
the best jewelries that give you those colorful yet extraordinary accessories. On
the other hand, the twinkling little stars and moon-inspired jewelry piece by
seeflower and blackpersimmons will glow every inch of your beauty inside and
by yugentribe


by seeflower


by  blackpersimmons
So whenever you feel like going outside and be with nature
be as fashionable as you can by wearing jewelries that fits your mood and
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

Jane Chew

Jane is the Chief Editor of Handmade Jewelry Club. She also founded DIY Jewelry Making Magazine @ www.diyjewelrymaking.com . For More Info, Visit my Google + Profile

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