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Wire Jewelry Making Tutorials

Wirework is a popular wire jewelry making technique. It doesn’t require too many materials, such as beads but you need the right jewelry making tools and proper handling of wires to make perfect and beautiful designs of wire jewelry.

In this page, you will learn different techniques of wire jewelry making such as wire wrapping, wire twisting, making loops and shaping wire.

We hope you’ll find these wire jewelry tutorials interesting and fun to make! Have fun creating your own wire jewelry!

Drop of Honey Teardrop Earrings Loop Wire Jewelry Free Video Tutorial

DIY Wire Twisting: Clustered Twisted Necklace Video Tutorial

Wire twisting video tutorial: How to make Grapes Twisted Bracelet
How to Make Stretchable Bracelet Using Memory Wire

How To Make Tree Stem bracelet

How to make elegant Crystal Ball Necklace!
How to Make Charms Dangling Bracelet
How to Make Bling Bling Adjustable Ring
How to Make Bling Bling Elegant Earrings
How to Make Illusion Necklace Using Tigertails
DIY Daisy Flower Spacer
DIY Adjustable Heart Ring Wire Jewelry Tutorial
DIY Christmas Earrings Free Jewelry Making Video Tutorial
 video_tutorialHow to Make Spiral Caged Earrings

 How to Make Necklace Using Jumprings & Wire
How to make sparkling earrings with earring hoops


Beading Jewelry Making Tutorials

In this section you will find beading tutorials suitable for beginners and intermediate skill levels. As you progress and learn you will be able to take on tutorials suitable for advanced students. You will learn different various beading techniques such as Right Angle Weave, Peyote Stitch, Herringbone Stitch, Cubic Right Angle Weave, Brickstitch, Ladder Stitch and many more. You will find these beading techniques helpful in creating your own handmade jewelry.

DIY Star Pendant Beading Video Tutorial
Circular Brick Stitch Earrings Jewelry Making Tutorial
Rose Flower Beading Lesson/ Video
DIY Flower Girls Bracelet Video Tutorial
Forest Bracelet Beading Pattern & Beading Tutorial
How to make Swarovski Beaded Earrings Tutorial
DIY Snowflakes Beaded Ring Beading Tutorial
DIY Rainbow Ring Beading Tutorial
Elegant Beaded Swarovski Necklace
How to make ring with teardrop beads





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