A Basket of Fruit Handmade Jewelry

Are you looking for jewelry that perfectly describes you? Why not try these unique, vibrant and intricately designed jewelry pieces that will summarize who you are?

If you love to have an outgoing, fun and adventurous life, one best choice is the use of mix fruits bracelet that are handmade with quality polymer clay and beads. Every piece in  DzyDzydesign ,
YuiKittMiniatures, jellykinz ,and TheJewelSaga collections has colorful and elaborately decorated with tropical fruits like berries, pears, oranges, strawberries that bring out the outgoing but sweet side of you.This is the perfect accessory to wear every day.

         by YuiKittMiniatures


by  TheJewelSaga 


      by   DzyDzydesign


by  jellykinz
If you happen to get-the-best-out-of-every-experience type of person, a good suggestion is the use of a complete set of jewelry. Pieces by RinaStudioJewelryMaryKons and RoseeRenessToo, exploit the beauty in all aspects of a particular item. Each of the pieces of the set perfectly blends each other, you’d surely love to wear them all!
by RinaStudioJewelry
by    MaryKons
by  RoseeRenessToo

If you are awed to the wonders of nature, you will best be accessorized with natural and one of a kind jewelry by Glitterlimes, RawEarthCharms, and IGUECO which uses a natural dehydrated fruits transformed into beautiful works of art. Each fruit is coated with a special resin to keep them looking fresh and juicy.


by  Glitterlimes
So, take a pick of these fruit inspired handmade jewelries and make your day as fruitful as it is.
Fire Mountain Gems and Beads

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