Strawberry Charm Bead Weaving Patterns

Need a new beaded charm for your keys, bag, and cell phone? Try the strawberry charm bead weaving pattern from DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #41! To create the strawberry charm you need red bicones, green bicones, black seedbeads, and gold seedbeads.

To create the strawberry charm you need red bicones, green bicones, black seedbeads, and gold seedbeads and you must have knowledge in right angle weave beading technique.


bead weaving patterns


bead weaving patterns

3.bead weaving patterns


bead weaving patterns


bead weaving patterns


bead weaving patterns

bead weaving patterns.and here is the finished strawberry charm! It’s cute, isn’t it? You can also use it as a pendant and give as a gift. 🙂

If you are a beginner and is not familiar with following diagrams and bead weaving patterns, no worries. The written instructions inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #41 will aid you in following the pattern.


Inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine issues all step by step photos and bead weaving patterns have well-written instructions to aid all skill levels in creating handmade jewelry. You’ll never get stuck and frustrated. With written instructions you will find it easy to follow the tutorials.

bead weaving patterns

You can follow the complete instructions for Strawberry Charm, along with 7 more bead weaving patterns and tutorials for making earrings, bracelets, necklaces and a ring.

bead weaving patterns

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bead weaving patterns

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