Featured DIY Beading: Herringbone Twist Bangle

Hello, guys! Mortira of Inspirational Beading is here and she’s made a diy beading post for everyone! Today, she’s going to teach you how to make Herringbone Twist Bangle 🙂

One of the most intriguing variations of Ndebele herringbone stitch is twisted tubular herringbone – a technique that provides wonderful spiraling ropes that are a great way to play with color and stripe patterns. This bracelet project takes the stitch one step further by adding a single-bead bridge between two of the herringbone columns. This technique allows you to create an extra layer of color or texture to your design.  Mortira

10 grams 11/o seed beads (red)
4 grams 11/o seed beads (black and white)
2 grams 8/o seed beads (blue)
2 6mm druks or round beads
10 yards size D beading thread
1 20mm button or clasp of your choice

1. Thread a needle with a comfortable length of beading thread. To begin any herringbone project, you’ll need a bead ladder with an even number of columns: Pick up 4 red seed beads, and slide them down to the end of your thread, leaving an 8 inch tail. Stitch up through the first 2 beads added and pull snug to form the first two columns of the ladder. Stitch down through the last two beads and pull snug to position the thread for the next step.


2. Pick up 2 red seed beads, and stitch down through the 2 previous beads again. Pull snug to bring the new beads into place. Stitch up through the 2 beads just added.

3. Pick up 1 black and 1 white seed bead. Stitch up through the 2 beads added in the previous step again and pull snug. Stitch down through the 2 new beads.

4. Pick up 1 white and 1 black seed bead. Stitch down through the 2 beads from the previous step. Pull snug and stitch up through the 2 new beads.
5. Finish the ladder with 3 more additions of red seed beads, moving in the same figure-eight pattern. Stitch down through the last 2 beads added to complete the ladder. You should now have a base of eight columns.

6. Stitch up through the first column again and gently pull the thread snug to bring the ends of the ladder together, forming a ring. This will be the base for the herringbone rope. Stitch back down through the last column, and up through the first column again to secure the join.

7. To begin the first round of tubular herringbone, pick up 2 red seed bead. Moving to the left, stitch down through the topmost bead of the next column in the base, as shown. Carefully pull the thread snug to lock the 2 new beads into place along the top of the ladder ring. The beads should rest side-to-side.

8. Stitch up through the topmost bead of the following column to position your thread for the next stitch. Pick up 1 red and 1 white seed bead. Stitch down through the topmost bead of the next column and pull snug. Stitch up through the topmost bead of the following column.

9. Add 1 white and 1 red bead, followed by 2 red beads to complete the round. To step up and position your thread for the next round, stitch up through the 2 topmost beads of the next column and pull snug.

10. Add a round of herringbone stitches as before, this time using black seed beads in place of the white beads. At the end of this round, step up through 3 beads instead of two, to begin the twist.

11. Add 2 red beads in the first stitch of the next row. Instead of stitching up through the topmost bead of the next column, stitch up through the top 2 beads. Continue this variation for the rest of the round and all remaining rounds (add 2, stitch down through 1, stitch up through 2). Always step up through 3 to begin a new round.

12. In the next round, add two reds beads, then the red and black bead stitch. Before stepping up for the next stitch, pick up 1 white seed bead. Stitch up through the top 2 beads of the next column and pull snug. The extra white bead should sit snugly between the columns. Finish the row as usual, stepping up through 3 beads at the end.
13. In the next round, pass through the white bead in the bridge before stepping up through the top two beads of the following column. Finish the round as usual.

14. Add 1 size 8/o seed bead to the bridge in the next round. Stitch through the same bead again in the following round. Continue adding 1 8/o bead to the bridge every second round until you have a rope that is about 1 inch (2.5 cm) shorter than desired for your bracelet.

15. To close the end of the rope, add 1 size 11/o seed bead to the bridge and pass through it again on the next round. In the following round, do not add a bead to the bridge. Add one additional round of herringbone weave to secure the closure.

16. Bring the final stitches together by weaving one round without picking up any beads. Stitch down and up through the top two beads in each stitch and step up through 2 beads at the end of the round.

17. Working backwards, stitch up and down through the top 2 beads of each column again to cinch up the final round.

18. Stitch down through the nearest column and exit between two beads. Pass the needle through the beadwork and exit from the center of the rope. Pick up 1 6mm round bead and enough 8/o seed beads to make a loop for your clasp.

19. Stitch back through the first 8/o bead picked up and the round bead. Exit between beads in the rope and pull the thread snug. Stitch through the nearest bead in the rope and secure the thread by stitching up through a few beads. Pass through the clasp area at least once more to add strength, then weave in any remaining thread.
20. Repeat steps 18 and 19 at the other end of the rope to add a button or toggle clasp. Add a trim around the edge of the round beads if desired, then secure all remaining thread and trim.
diy beadingVoila! You have made your own Herringbone Twist Bangle!

Here’s a tip from Mortira. Try adding different types of beads to your herringbone bridge such as drops or magatamas, for additional texture.

diy beading

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Mortira is the author of “Ancient Worlds Modern Beads” and the creator of Inspirational Beading, a blog for beadweavers and jewelry designers. Herringbone weave and its many variations are among her favorite beading techniques. Read more…



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