Book Review: Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making

If you’re a fan of Soutache jewelry then probably you already know Csilla Papp. 

Csilla Papp started making beaded jewelry back in 2011. She loved bead weaving and bead embroidery, but when she came across a Soutache jewelry it drew her to learn more about the technique. She started to search online and looked for information but found out the techniques were difficult to achieve. As a result, she started learning the process all by herself. Like what the saying goes, “practice makes perfect,” Csilla practiced a lot and soon she learned and mastered the technique.

Soutache jewelryJust take a look at the Angeline Necklace on the cover of her book, “Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making.” Isn’t that a work of an expert? I should say, she really did fell in love with the technique and has mastered it!

Thanks too,  to Csilla also for making it easier for those who would like to learn Soutache jewelry because in her book, “Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making,” you will learn all the basics you need to know before you start making a Soutache jewelry project. Inside her book you will learn the following basic techniques:

– Attaching Beading Foundation
– Attaching Soutache Around Components
– Attaching Soutache Around Closed Ring
– Stitching a Row of Beads
– Making Curves
– Attaching Rhinestone Chair
– Making Hand-Embroidered Clasp
– Attaching Soutache and Beads Above a Base
– Creating Shapes
– Covering the Back

The step by step images shown on each basic technique and the written instruction are so detailed that even a beginner will be able to follow. or someone who has no knowledge of Soutache techinques will be able to learn the essentials how to make Soutache jewelry.

Aside from the basic techniques, Csilla has also included the tools and materials and explained each in details that even someone who has no knowledge of Soutache jewelry will be able to learn the essentials how to make Soutache jewelry.

Now, after learning the basics are 15 projects to learn! With vibrant colors, surely you will be enticed to create each design.

Soutache jewelry

Mexico Pendant

Soutache jewelry

Caprice Earrings

Soutache jewelry

America Bracelet

Soutache jewelry

Margaret Brooch

Soutache jewelry

Pink Ring

Soutache jewelry

Indian Choker


Soutache jewelryHonestly, I will recommend this book if you are really interested in making Soutache Jewelry. The book is informative and after every design, you will continue to enhance your skills and soon enough you will be ready to design your own Soutache jewelry.

Author: Csilla Papp



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