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Hello Handmade Jewelry Club readers! Have you missed a post? Here’s a compilation of diy jewelry, news and updates.

Beading Loom for Jewelry Making – Are you interested to make woven beaded jewelry? Found some interesting and beautiful patterns that you want to try out? Do not worry, it is not hard because there are looms that can help you with your jewelry making journey! Read more…

Make Elegant and Sparkly Jewelry with Swarovski – When you hear the word Swarovski what immediately comes to your mind? If you ask me, they’re the words “ELEGANT AND SPARKLY!” So true they are that I have experienced before, in fact, every time I wear a Swarovski jewelry that I have made they never fail to be noticed. Read more…
Feel “True Romance” with Ulrike Gunther’s Necklace Tutorial – What is your definition of romance? Mine would be an evening dinner with a special someone at a candle-lit table with a violin music in the background. Do I sound cheesy? LOL!!! Oh well, this romantic kind of stuff, whatever they may be never happened to me even once, but that’s okay. My happiness doesn’t come from romantic things. Plainly doing the things I love, like jewelry making makes me happy, even more so. Read more…
Create Handmade Jewelry With A Purpose –  Handmade jewelry making, teaching, selling, publishing tutorials are not just a business. We can still do more with our talent in jewelry making, like perhaps, we can give and share. One way we can do is to create jewelry for fundraisers! Read more…
Unique Jewelry Gifts from Pot of Gems – Gemstones are precious stones that according to myths and legends has special powers. They say there are gemstones that can heal while some can give you luck. Gemstones are gathered from all over the world. Since gemstones are precious they are also perfect as unique jewelry gifts. Read more…
featuredUnlimited Access to Heart Shapes and Valentine’s Jewelry Tutorials – We’re having a GOLD MEMBERSHIP SALE AT DIY JEWELRY MAKING where you’ll have UNLIMITED ACCESS TO MORE HEART SHAPES AND VALENTINE’S JEWELRY TUTORIALS in WEB-BASE FORMAT! Read more…

Recommended diy jewelry video tutorial – How To Bead Weave a Bracelet using CzechMates 2 Hole Crescent Beads

Learn how to bead weave The Palms bracelet using 2-hole Crescent beads, Swarovski crystal pearls, Czech Fire Polish beads, and seed beads with Jewelry Designer, Julie Bean. The resulting design looks like fanned palms and even has a bit of an Art Deco flair to it. Click on the images for the supplies.

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