Fire Mountain Gems’ $2 SALE or less!!

Get your supplies while stocks last in Fire Mountain Gems’ Sale! They are on sale for $2 or less! Not sure what you would need? Then check out some of the beads that I find would be of use to making interesting and beautiful designs!

And it is ending tomorrow: February 13th, 11:59pm PT!

Sale is one of the things that I look forward to when I need to stock up on my supplies for jewelry making and it is always fun to see the kinds of beads that I do not usually go for, appearing on sale!

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Bead caps does make a difference in your jewelry designs and there are so many bead caps that you can find all over the internet. Why not try out some bead caps like the two below? Let your beads have some fun together! Hahaha


Cabochons are fun to work with as well! Design around these cabochons and have some fun. Time to try wire wrapping again or soutache! Or maybe embed them in your polymer clay jewelry or just stick ’em on settings of the correct measurements!


At this sale, there are some interesting shapes and you can really have tons of creativity with these supplies! Fancy a lady bug or a red pepper in your garden themed design? Then go ahead and get them before the sale ends tomorrow!


Or maybe a capsule shaped bead for your design? Something unique to create and have fun with the younger ones who would want to join in the fun with you!


With a focal bead, you can create a look with anything ranging from cute and adorable to beautiful and elegant! This silver-finished vintage German acrylic focal will can help you with coming up with beautiful and adorable designs that you can gift or put up in our shop!



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