Feel “True Romance” with Ulrike Gunther’s Necklace Tutorial

What is your definition of romance? Mine would be an evening dinner with a special someone at a candle-lit table with a violin music in the background. Do I sound cheesy? LOL!!! Oh well, this romantic kind of stuff, whatever they may be never happened to me even once, but that’s okay. My happiness doesn’t come from romantic things. Plainly doing the things I love, like jewelry making makes me happy, even more so. 🙂

Going back to romance, Ulrike Gunther will show you what to her is “True Romance.”


Used Material
For a necklace of about 40 cm (16 in) you need the following material. For a longer necklace you need more material.
RP8: round pearl 8 mm / 24 pc. / SWAROVSKI Chrystal Pearl Petrol
PR4: round pearl 4 mm / 72 pc. / SWAROVSKI Chrystal Pearl Petrol
Bic3: Bicone 3 mm / 25 pc. / SWAROVSKI Elements Jet 2 x AB
Roc11: 11/0 seed beads / ca. 1 g / Toho PF 596f
Roc15: 15/0 seed beads / ca. 1 g / Miyuki 1053
Fireline 0,12 mm (6,8 kg)
beading needle
2 jump rings
1 clasp

step 1

Take a very long thread, but you still need to be comfortable with the length. Take 3 RP4 and close to a ring. Go further one RP4. Leave a tail of about 15 cm (about 6’)

step 2

Add1 Roc11 between every RP4. The thread exits in a RP4.


Take 1 Roc15, 1 Bic3 and 1 Roc15 an go through the RP4 on the opposite side.

Go further trough a Roc11, a RP4 and a Roc11.

step 4

Take 1 RP8 and 1 Roc11. Go back through the RP8 and from BELOW through the Roc11 where the thread began. Tighten the thread.

step 5

Take 10 Roc15, go around the RP8 an go through the next Roc11.

step 6

Take 3 RP4 and close to a ring by going through the Roc11 again. Tighten the thread. Go further one RP4.

step 7

Put 1 Roc11 between every RP4 (in total 2 Roc11). Go further a Roc11, a RP4, a Roc11 and a RP4. (The thread will exit in a RP4 on the right lower corner.)

 Repeat steps 3 to 7 as you reach the desired length.


If you want you can put Rizos into your jewelery. Therefore you start in the Roc11 at the bottom of the group of three RP4. Take 1 Roc11, 1 Rizo, 1 Roc11 and go through the Roc11 the thread exits.

Go further one RP4 start again with step 3.

Clasp Element

Take 5 Roc11 and go through the Roc11 the thread just exited from. Go through all beads of this step again. Go further one Roc11.

 Take 1 Roc15 and go through the next Roc11. Repeat this 3 times (you insert 4 Roc15). Knot the thread and cut it. Take a jump ring and a clasp and attach the jump ring to the beaded ring.

Repeat this step on the other side of your bracelet.

To prevent the necklace from twisting, I recommend to put a thread through all upper beads. Therefore, fix a new thread at the clasp element and go through the upper RP4. Take 1 Roc15 go through all ten Roc15 and take 1 Roc15 and go through the next RP4. Repeat this step until you reach the end of the necklace. Pull the thread tight until the necklace is slightly rounded. Knot the thread and cut it.

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Meet the Author, Ulrike Gunther

I am an “ordinary” woman, wife and mother, who started to bead in 2011 as a compensation for my job in IT-Business. At the beginning, I did a lot of felted jewelry but I wanted to add more sparkle to my pieces. So I came across these shiny little beads and taught myself beading. In 2012, I started to create my own beading pattern. First, only free pattern but then I got more confident to open my etsy shop in 2013. Read more…


You’ll also find Ulrike Gunther’s “True Romance” tutorial inside DIY Jewelry Making Magazine #27



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