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Hello y’all! How are you doing? Hope everything is going well and you are having tons of fun! I was strolling at night and looked up and the moon seemed so near that I was pretty much mesmerized by it. And when I passed by some trees, and took another look at the moon, through the branches and leaves, the moon looked beautifully different! And of course I went back and went searching for jewelry designs that would show the beauty of the moon!

Some designs features full moon like designs and they look gorgeous! A full moon around your neck would be just lovely!

by MakeMyStyleby SimplyWireWrapped
by CocoNaiya


Some of the jewelry designs have a few beads, and they look so pretty! So take a good look and if any if the designs interests you, do drop by the designer’s shop by clicking on the images to know more about their products!

by PoltergeistJewelleryby MorennDesigns
by DragonflyHJewelleryby WireWrapMusic
by deForestDesignby resplendipity


Or maybe with more beads? Wired beaded moon designs are equally awesome and no less beautiful! These designers have just a real knack of making them so eye catching!

by anaincby JennyLeeCreates
by StabuLaRasaJewelryby bytheoakArt
by SolarSimulation


Metal moon plates would look lovely when worn on a day out as well! Pretty and sparkly moons just for you to wear out any time of the day and of course you do not need to wear these jewelry only at night! Though you could if you wanted to, then at least the moon in the sky would have some company! Hahaha

by SeaOxDesigns


Keeping your designs fresh and innovative is important but do not make it such a priority till you stop having fun making and creating jewelry!


Be happy!

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