Jewelry Designs: Cartoon Characters

When I was a mere young girl, I would spend my time in front of the television watching cartoons to pass time as my mum prepares lunch or dinner. Those were fun times, and I still do love watching cartoons! I say this because I have found some amazing cartoon jewelry designed by really, really brilliant designers! I cannot wait to share with you the designs that I have gathered together!

Okay, up first, I will show some jewelry designs of cartoon characters that I grew up with! do drop by these talented designers’ store and check out more of their jewelry designs by clicking on the images!

by SelenaJewelryBijouby AGSculpts
by CandyDesignCreaby BlacksonRowe
by Angelasforchildrenby SuePsales


I also watched some Winnie the Pooh and my, oh my, Eeyore really is adorable! I like how similar they look to the cartoon character!

by Myhappyhobbyby omifimo


Then there are cartoons which I only came across in my teen years and it really is interesting to see how jewelry designers are able to magically capture these images and make them into beautiful pieces of jewelry! Though I have not really watched many cartoons as of late, I am really glad that jewelry trends are up to date or are keeping up with the designs that can capture the attention of cartoon watchers!

by CandyDesignCreaby SHOPATLUXE
by MadeByTokiTokiby SecretClay


Last but not least, are some more recent animation movies which you are more well verse with! Baymax, characters from Baymas and Minions! These are pretty awesome, I must say! So adorably magnificent to wear out or give as gifts!

by tinyclaymadeby tinyclaymade
by TheFaidrinBear


Have fun watching cartoons and gain inspiration like these amazing designers!


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