Beading Loom for Jewelry Making

Are you interested to make woven beaded jewelry? Found some interesting and beautiful patterns that you want to try out? Do not worry, it is not hard because there are looms that can help you with your jewelry making journey!

There are many beading looms that you can find and do find one that is to your liking! There are wooden, plastic or even metal looms that you can use for your woven beaded jewelry making patterns.

This lightweight beading loom is the below steel and wood beading loom which you can use for your jewelry making. And this loom comes with a set of beads and also instructions! Which makes it ideal for beginners!


Here is a page with tips on using Beadalon® Jewel Loom: Beadalon® Jewel Loom™ Beading Loom Tips, on Fire Mountain Gems’ website! Once you have gotten the hang on using the loom, you can see for yourself if it would be suitable for you!

And here is Beadalon® Jewel Loom™ Beading Loom:


There are also other looms which are made out of plastic, and they have different colors. And these looms are portable, so that you can create jewelry without worrying about the size of the loom and halting your jewelry creation! Bring them everywhere and put your hands to work anytime, anywhere!


Or maybe you would like a wooden loom because you prefer that woody feel while working! Below is a precision bead loom and it is made out of beechwood. It is durable and you can use it for years!


Another loom that can be taken around with you when you are travelling. This also comes with earring making instructions!







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