Types of Storage for Your Supplies

So you have completed some shopping of supplies and your bead stash is more than satisfactory. So where do you keep them? In their plastic cases or bags? Or do you have a storage box where you keep your beads all in the same place, organized using containers or other plastic bags to keep your items separated. I love having enough storage space for my beads, it is simply satisfying knowing that you can easily get your beads out and put them all back with ease!

If you have yet to own containers where you get to store your beads and sort them according to your categories, then today’s storage look see will be appropriate for you!

Up first, let us take a look at some plastic containers. Plastic are durable and if you are a tad clumsy, getting these plastic containers are a good investment and you would be able to keep your beads safe too! Instead of having your beads roll across the floor while your cat or dog o your child chases after the beads!




Other than that, there are also glass storage and if you like to feel some weight in your hand when you get your beads, then getting glass containers is not the worst idea! Using glass, there is the feel that you are a professional beader and jewelry creator! Or is it just me who feels that way?


Plastic bags are also a good way to store your jewelry components and ziploc ones are more ideal so that you do not need to take a piece of cellotape to seal the opening of the plastic bag when you need to store them away!


So take a look and if you are interested to get some containers, just click the images to find out more about them!


Happy storing!


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