Jewelry Supplies at the White Sale!

The year has just started and guess what? There are already sales going on for jewelry supplies! So here is another sale from Fire Mountain Gems which will definitely peak your interest! This sale is simply going to blow your mind! You will be able to save up to 77% through this White Sale! And this sale is until the 30th of January 2016!

Here are some drops and beads that you can use for your existing jewelry designs and also new jewelry designs! Add them onto your collection and stash of beads and you can use them anytime you want! Do not be afraid to explore and be in touch with your creative side!

Something unique and interesting for your collection and you can use them for something interesting!



Or maybe try out some focals which come in sets and you can use them in your jewelry designs. That would be very nice for your jewelry making sessions whether or not by yourself or with your lovely younger group of girls who wants to learn how to make jewelry!


Or maybe some plated finishing beads and focals. There are different kinds of finishing and here are some examples of jewelry supplies that you can view and see how you can use them in your designs! You can have floral decorated bead, or a caged focal that you can use as a charm for your bracelet or a pendant! And maybe just a brass plated finished bead with multicolored glass rhinestones!

There are a lot of things that you can use with these jewelry supplies and you can also pack them up into little packs and give them away as presents and you can mix and match and personalize them according to the people you give them to!

Stay creative, inspired, and most of all, remember to have fun!


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