Inspirations for Jewelry: Anklets

Hello everybody! There are some nice inspirations for jewelry that you can find all over the internet, and also in jewelry magazines. Are you ready for something slightly different from the normal jewelry that I usually look for, but we have had a couple of posts on them before. But that was last year. So let us head on to look up some anklets that we can draw inspiration from!

There are beaded anklets that you can make and as long as you have the tutorial to follow, you can pretty much use any types of beads or mix up different kinds of beads and make these anklets for yourself or as gifts to the people you love!

Here are some examples of beaded anklets for you to look and see and click the images to find out more details on what materials are involved in making these beauties!

by MyKnitCroch


by sohocraftby XtraVirgin



by AlliecatDesignStudioby Saxonamber


by Oniropolisby barmine


Or maybe you are interested in mixing media and creating an anklet? Or you can reduce the number beads and make a hemp anklet for yourself and wear it out for a spin!

The designs below are really amazing and you can see that there are hemps involved and you can achieve different result depending on what you mix and match in your designs!

by SoftCrystalby XtraVirgin
by HempBeadery


Or maybe you could go for a single color and input elements of that color! For example, below are a couple of silver colored anklets that you can review!

by silvershop925by RebelFoxBoutique


Or maybe you like a bit of a dangle? Then check out a couple of the designs below!

by deformatasby SlaveBraceletAndMore



Hope that you have had a fun time and have more inspirations for jewelry after this post!


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