DIY Superdou Beads Bracelet

Here is a Superdou beads bracelet that looks like daisies but I’d like to call it “Turquoise Roulette” because of the continuous circular Superdou beads wrapping the pearl at the center. The bracelet can be worn on any occasion. It’s really a simple design but lovely and wearable beaded jewelry.

For the materials, you can use your choice of Superdou color, 9mm pearl and Toho 6/0, 11/0 and 15/0 seedbeads. Let’s begin!

Prepare an arm span of thread. If you can work with longer thread, much better. In my experience, with 48 inches of thread you can already create 4 – 5 circular components. String a bead stopper, followed by 6 super dou, 6/0 seed bead, 6 super dou and 6/0 seed bead.
Fig. 1 – Pass the thread into the 1st twin bead strung and create a circle.
Fig. 2 – Pass the thread one more time into the super dou and 6/0 seed bead. When you reach the last twin bead, pass the thread into the upper or outer hole going into the opposite direction.
Fig. 3 РPass thru the 6 super dou, inserting an 11/0 seed beads in between. Pass thru the 6/0 seed bead and into the 6 super dou again while inserting an 11/0 seed beads in between. Add your connecting superdou. When you reach the last twin bead of the round pick up 11/0 seed bead, super dou and 11/0 seed bead then pass thru the 1st super dou again where you started the round.

Fig. 4 – Now, pass thru several seed beads, and super dou, and aim to have your thread come out the outer hole of the connecting super dou going in left direction like shown on the diagram and image. You now have a circle component that will be part of the clasp.

Let’s turn your beadwork sideways. From the connecting super dou, string 6 11/0 seed beads alternate with super dou. When you reach the last super dou pass back thru the other hole of the 6 super dou. Pull tight and you will have a curve.
String a pearl then pass thru the 6 super dou, following the curve and into the pearl again. Pull tight to position the pearl underneath the curve.

Then string another set of 6 super dou and pass thru the pearl and the new set of super dou again. Pull tight to keep the curve and pearl at the center.

Now weave an 11/0 seed bead in between the super dou to match the other side.
Pick you your connecting beads 11/0 seed bead, super dou and 11/0 seed bead then going left and around weave thru the edge. As you weave thru the edge you will reach the connecting beads again so pick up 11/0 seed bead and then continue to weave around the edge, up to 5 superdou then aim to come out the inner hole of the last superdou.
Pick up 6/0 seed bead then weave thru the inner hole. When you reach the other end pick up another 6/0 seed bead and then complete the round.

When you complete the round, pass thru the 6/0 seed bead again and the next super dou. Make a u-turn and pass back thru the outer hole of the super dou and continue to pass the connecting beads.

Repeat Step 4 to 8 as needed to reach your desired length. For a 7-inch bracelet, including clasp you need at least 7 components with pearls.

You can add a beaded clasp or you can also attach a jump ring and a metal clasp and then enjoy your bracelet! ūüôā

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