Designs: Beautiful in Red

Are you ready to paint the town red again? I be you are! Even if you are not, gear up with these amazing designs from these talented jewelry designers! I have compiled and put some of red necklaces for you to view, and if you are interested and would like to know more about these jewelry pieces, do click on the images to find out more about these beautiful jewelry designs!

There are many types of necklaces that you can find throughout the whole world, and also to suit different tastes of the ever growing population on this beautiful huge marble we call earth! I have gathered a couple of different types of necklaces, which are red, for you to see, and be awed!

Beaded necklaces are pretty, and you can do a lot of different designs, depending on how you use the beads. For example, you can use coral beads, or seed beads, and you will get a different design, unique to each designer! Let us take a look at coral beaded necklaces. Imagine you are under the sea, and you are a mermaid from the sea! That would be so much fun!

by ensagaby EvushkasGarden
by cdjali



Other than coral beads, the designs below also include large beads and smaller beads, or you can even have a seed bead necklace!

by reccabellaby insoujewelry
by LesBijouxLibelluleby MynisaUnique


by sweetstonesjewelryby Eleven11Designs
by EarringsBraceletsEtc


Take a look at paper pendant necklaces and you would have fun with these red jewelry and you would love these!

by SbirOtakby PaperPiecebyEmelie

Other than beads, you can also use other materials to make red necklaces! Like the designs below, you can see that the jewelry designers have used tassels, stones, and even pomegranate!

by vittrojewelryby whatanovelidea
by AimPendants


As you can see from all these amazing designs, you can pretty much open up your creative horizon and just experiment with materials that are new (and safe, of course!) to you and go ahead and make magic happen!


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