Cords for Your Jewelry Making

Need some stringing materials for your jewelry? Then here are some materials that you can consider getting for yourself! Just for your information, the White Sale of Fire Mountain Gems’ is still going on! Check them out to view more beads and supplies that you can get at a discounted rate!

There are quite a few types of stringing material available at the discounted section of Fire Mountain Gems’ White Sale. So if you are looking for cords, then today’s post will be very much useful for you and you can stock up on anything that is low in quantity! Stock up so that you would not need to be stuck at your creating phase just because you ran out of supplies!

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3-ply bonded polyester twine


Need some leather cords? Then check out the colors and thickness which you need in order for you to continue on with your jewelry making! You can use different kinds of ribbon clamps or clasps to end your jewelry using leather cords.

Leather, redLeather, tan


Or maybe you need a waxed cord. You can use this for stringing beads with 1mm diameter in holes! This cord can be used to drape and the knots will be secured and not come loose!

Waxed cotton, lime



For nylon cords, you can actually use them safely and worry free for kumihimo as well as Chinese knot projects! These cords are flexible and you can use them in multiple strands and they are also consistent in their colors and diameter, which helps a lot in jewelry making!

Nylon, turquoise blueNylon, turquoise blue



So venture out of your comfort zone and try something new today! Try out some cords instead of threads in your jewelry making and I can guarantee that you will have fun using cords in your design for jewelry!


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