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Wondering how to end a perfectly amazing bracelet? Having some issues with finding a clasp that you would like to use to complete your bracelets? Then why not expand your selections to some of these clasps that I have found, which can be seen below! Check out these jewelry supplies to see which one fits your masterpiece!

So up first we have lobster claw clasps and these clasps comes in different finishing and patterns as well as sizes! Compare these two and see if you would likes to have abstract designs on the clasp or without!


Or maybe something different? A hook styled clasp? It looks really interesting and it would be a splendid idea if you want the pewter look for your bracelets and necklaces. Different finishing and styles of hooks are really unique and they all work the same! Something different to end your bracelet or necklace or even just to stock up on your jewelry supplies!


On the other hand, fishhooks are interesting well, and it is a good way to spice up your designs with something different! Somewhat similar to normal hooks, but special and unique in their own category.


On another note,there are also twist in and tab kinds of clasps that you can use in your jewelry making designs! These clasps are more commonly used and if you would like to explore further with the other styles of clasps, go ahead and try them out!


Spice up your life and do not shy away from ideas and just let the creativity flow and awe people out so that you would be able to proudly show off your work!


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  1. Where can I buy these clasps?


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