Right Angle Weave Pearl Choker Tutorial

Today, we’re going back to the basics with Right Angle Weave!

Right Angle Weave or sometimes you’ll see it as RAW is a popular beading technique that is suitable for beginners. Even with just a strip of right angle weave you can make wonders with it! You can embellish the strip, add layers of design on it, make something 3D like shapes or leave a strip as it is because you can already make something bracelet or a necklace with just s single strip of right angle weave. With simple diagrams and instructions you’ll be able to create a Choker Necklace in your favorite color 🙂 Let’s begin!

right angle weave 11. Cut at least 36-inch of thread and fold in half.
2. Slide a closed ring, pearl, and closed ring and bring them to the center of the thread.
3. Slide a pearl at both thread.
4. Cross both thread into a pearl.


5. Repeat step 4, sliding a pearl at both threads and then crossing the thread into a pearl. Continue until you reach your desired length.
right angle weave 2


6. Let’s say you have reached your desired length. To end, match your beginning. Cross your threads into a closed jump ring, pearl and closed jump ring.
right angle weave 3


7. To secure your thread, pass back thru several pearls and tie a knot. Pass again thru several pearls and cut your thread.
right angle weave 3


8. Attach a jump ring onto the closed ring. You should do the same on the other end as well.
right angle weave 4


9. Finally, attach a 2-hole bar clasp
right angle weave 5


T179K…and there you have it! Your Pearl Choker. See, it’s beautiful as it is 🙂 Make one for yourself or maybe give a beading kit gift for Christmas! Our Etsy shop is having a 10% off discount for early Christmas shoppers!

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