How to Make Beaded Flower with Dagger Beads

Dagger beads are spear shaped or petal-like beads. To some they are called wing beads. They come in a variety of colors and they also come in single or 2-hole beads. Since dagger beads are elongated in shape they are perfect for making chandelier earings and for necklaces as the final edge beads. If you want to make flower shapes, dagger beads plays an important role for they do make the perfect petal shapes. That’s what we’re going to show you today – how to make beaded flower with dagger beads!

Let’s code the materials:
(A) dagger beads
(B) bicones
(C) seed beads

Step 1:
String 8(A) and position the beads at the center of the thread. You now have your left thread – L and right thread – R.


Step 2:
Cross L to R to create a flower.
Step 3:
String the following beads.
L – 1(B) and 1(C)
R – 1(B)


Step 4:
Cross R to C, the last bead from your left thread.



Step 5:
String the following:
L – 1(B)
R – 1(B)
Step 6:
Follow the arrows to where the thread should pass.



Step 7:
Now all the bicones are laying nicely on top of the dagger beads.


Step 8:
Turn your beadwork upside down to have the same position as that on this image.


Step 9:
On R, string 3(C)
Step 10:
Cross L to C, the last bead from your right thread.


Step 11:
Going left, pass L to A then string 2(C) on R.
Step 12:
Cross L to C, the last bead from your right thread.


Step 13:
Repeat Step 11 & 12 (6x) and go all the way around the dagger beads.
Step 14:
To finish the flower string 1(C) on R.


Step 15:
Finally, cross L to C, the last bead from your right thread. Now your flower is finished.


Step 16:
We will now create a bail. On L string 3(C). Pass your R thru several beads until you get to the opposite side and then string 3(C).Note:
As an option, you can add your ear hooks if you like to make earrings.
Step 17:
Create a bail by crossing L to C. Pass the thread again around the beads to tighten the flower. To end, tie a knot and then pass the thread into several beads again then cut off excess thread.


Step 18:
You can use the flower as a pendant for a necklace.
Another option is to use the piece as a wrapped bracelet.



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