SALE: Christmas Wreath Bracelet Tutorial

$1 for a bracelet tutorial. SAY WHAT? Really?! Yes my beautiful people! It’s TRUE! For only USD$1, this beautiful Christmas Wreath Bracelet tutorial is on SALE and can be purchased for you or as a gift to your loved one!

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Hello everybody!! I know it’s a little early for this, but, CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!! In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with welcoming the Christmas spirit early! We all know that making our own jewelry is always the fun and exciting thing to do for our loved ones! So why not make yourself a lovely Christmas-sy bracelet to wear for the Christmas party? I can guarantee that you will have tons of fun making this bracelet!

So after purchasing this tutorial, you can get on making this lovely Christmas wreath bracelet! Oh, but wait, what if you do not have the materials to make this wonderful bracelet? Don’t worry!! Jewelry Kit is here to save the day again! Here are the list of materials that you will need, all at the Etsy shop, everything all in one place! No need to hunt and search for the exact materials! Just click the images and you will be directed straight to the product page!

First, you will need beading thread:

Up next will be the beads! All the beads below are what you need for this bracelet! A little early Christmas shopping! 🙂

Toho Round Seed Beads 8/0 #36 'Silver Lined Green Emerald' 8 Gram Tube

Toho Round Seed Beads 8/0 #36 ‘Silver Lined Green Emerald’ 8 Gram Tube

Toho Round Seed Beads 8/0 #25C 'Silver Lined Ruby' 8 Gram Tube

Toho Round Seed Beads 8/0 #25C ‘Silver Lined Ruby’ 8 Gram Tube

And lastly, some lovely pearls!

With everything ready, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


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