Dagger Duo Bracelet Tutorial

Are you all ready to make another lovely bracelet today? I have found a bracelet tutorial that uses super duo beads, seed beads and also mini dagger beads to make one beautiful bracelet! With its frilly sides, this bracelet is going to be the belle of the ball when you attend a party!


This Dagger Duo bracelet was designed by Lisa Jordan. A very talented designer who has provided a very easy to follow bracelet tutorial for all of us to try out, and spreading joy all around!

So before we start, let us view what materials and how many beads we will need for this bracelet!

– TOHO Takumi Large Hole Seed Beads 9°
– 80 SuperDuos
– 78 Mini Daggers 2.5/6mm
– TOHO One-G Thread
– Clasp of Choice


Large hole seed beads are used so that you can pass through the seed beads multiple times with the thread with ease. It can get frustrating when you are not able to fit your thread through the bead and may end up messing up your work!


If you constantly follow her bracelet tutorial step by step, you will be able to finish this bracelet pretty quickly!

Take your time if you are a beginner and you will know the satisfaction of finishing making a jewelry piece. Or if you are an advance beader, take this as an opportunity to warm up your fingers!


And after finishing the bracelet, you can now wear the bracelet out to any occasion, and you can make the bracelets to any color combinations you want!

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Happy beading!


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