More Turquoise Jewelry Making Tutorials

Some time ago, I wrote on turquoise and I just cannot get enough of turquoise! I love designs which have turquoise and you can really infuse designs using turquoise and a lot of other colors as well! So I have got together a lovely bunch of turquoise colored jewelry making tutorials and these are just so pretty and the best is that you can follow the instructions from these jewelry making tutorials and you will have your very own turquoise colored jewelry!

Beads, beads and more beads! Bring them beads on! The first tutorial uses large and chunky beads for the design and this can be your statement necklace for the day!

Tutorial by Rhonda


Next necklace uses turquoise stones, and though the tutorial is simple and can be made very fast, this design really pops with a pretty dress or a dark colored shirt! Just like the designer said! Check out this simple tutorial and have yourself a beautiful and elegant necklace on the very same day!

Tutorial by Stephanie



Don’t forget bracelets that will make your wrist oh so beautiful! Have some fun with wires and chip beads and you will have a similar turquoise bracelet wrapped around your wrist!

Tutorial by Melanie



These other two bracelet video jewelry making tutorials will add on to your collection as well! Simple macramé bracelet and another elegant one with crispy and shiny beads are bound to attract attention!

Tutorial by Crafty Owl Cafe


Tutorial by Liz Kreate


Let us have one last tutorial that uses turquoise beads! Here is another video tutorial where you can make a lovely paif od turquoise earrings for yourself to wear out for the night!

Tutorial by DesignerBeadwork


All of these tutorials above can be made into gifts for someone special as well! Or if you have the time, maybe as door gifts for an event or party that you can throw for the girls! These jewelry pieces will be the highlight of the party!


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