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Hello Handmade Jewelry Club readers! Have you missed a post? Here are some various DIY jewelry making tutorials to choose from! Start your weekend jewelry making project now 🙂

Pearls Jewelry Making Tutorials – Pearls some in different colors and shapes. You can use pearls as your focal bead or you could just use pearls in your jewelry designs. There are many types of pearls that you can find at jewelry shops. I actually like the feel of pearls, when it glides over your skin, it’s just a fascinating feeling! So do you want to have beautiful jewelry that consists of pearls? Then these jewelry making tutorials are perfect for this very purpose! Come on! Read more…
How to Make a Copper Ring Tutorial – I love making wire rings, and making swirls for rings. This is because you can do a whole lot with wires. You can make squares, stars and yes, swirls or coils! Before we start, here are some discounted items that you can get before the stocks run out! Click on the images to purchase! Read more…
Copper Inspired Jewelry Designs – Copper has this nice brown-ish color to it, and it also brings the antique rustic look to certain pieces of jewelry designs! No matter if it shines and looks brand new, or if it brings about the air of vintage, copper jewelry designs are amazing to look at and also fun to design with! Read more…
Glass Cabochons Jewelry Making Tutorials – Cabochons are really fun to turn into jewelry pieces. This is because when you get the clear cabochons ones, you can stick papers, stickers or paint them and you can do them in bulk! These jewelry making tutorials that I came across are very simple and you can make these and give them out as gifts at a party! Read more…
Links for Jewelry Making – Links not only link your jewelry together to keep different beads or chains together, they also add decorative value to your jewelry designs. Jewelry designs may come across our minds comes to us without realizing it. It may be some small unique detail that you may have seen while walking by a building or it may be from colors from a painting. Read more…
Learn to Make a Cherry Bangle Wire Jewelry – I have some wire leftovers from a previous wire jewelry project and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s not that long and I hate keeping leftover wires because they just stack up until I threw them away. Thinking it’s not right to waste craft wire as they are expensive I decide to force myself to use it. Forcing myself thinking and be creative this is what I came up with! Read more…

Recommended jewelry making video tutorial – Blossoming Beaded Flower Tutorial

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Wanna make something mainly from seedbeads? Choose from DIY Beading Magazine #7 jewelry making tutorials!Seed beads are popular materials when it comes to beadweaving. Actually, seed beads are essential materials when it comes to jewelry making. Seed beads play a very important role to beaders. For this issue of DIY Beading Magazine we will explore the different types of seed beads, their size, texture and color. You will also learn different beading stitches that you can use when working with seed beads.
Are you a leather jewelry fanatic? DIY Beading Magzine #8 and #20 will bring you choices for leather jewelry making tutorials!You’ll learn different jewelry making techniques and styles for making leather and cord inspired accessories. You will learn how to add beads, crystals and charms that will add femininity. Now, you’ll be funky, cool and stylish glittering with crystals!
DBM31cover_2aOf course, who wouldn’t fall in love with making wire jewelry? DIY Beading Magazine #28 and #31 will satisfy your hunger for wire jewelry, and tickle your creative side, and get you pumped up to take on any challenge!
Browse through latest issue! Now is the time to get noticed with gemstones and crystals with that hint of personal touch so learn jewelry making with DIY Beading Magazine #32!




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