Measuring Tools for Jewelry Making

So in jewelry making, we not only use pliers or cutters, we also use measuring tools to design our jewelry! You might be wondering what kind of measuring tools I am talking about, and not to worry, I will share a little bit more on what kind of measuring tools that we use in our jewelry designs!

Usually, we use rulers to measure the length of wires and threads right? What about beads? I would usually place the beads above the ruler and try to measure the beads! Do you do that? Or maybe it’s just me haha!

Then I went and searched for jewelry measuring tools, and I felt a silly because there are calipers that actually help to measure the diameter of beads! And they also come in digital! Who knew? I didn’t! Boy, were these time savers!

Slide gauge, brass

Slide gauge

Electronic digital caliper

Digital caliper

And I also found that there is this handy tool called the wire gauge tool! And apparently this tool helps you to measure not only wire, but also sheet metal! This would be so convenient when your wires are not labelled! Put it in your pocket and you can know the gauges of wires with accuracy and in no time at all!

Wire gauge tool

Wire gauge tool


Oh, I find this next measuring tool an awesome tool because it saves time on measuring your wrist or ankles (if you wanted an anklet)! This ruler is a slap on piece and it will wrap itself around your wrist or ankle and you do not need to worry that the ruler will fall off!

Bracelet and anklet sizer

Bracelet and anklet sizer


Not to forget ring sizers as well! Ring measurements made easy and you won’t be spending time trying to get the perfect size! And they come in steel or plastic!

Ring sizer, chrome-finished steel

Ring sizer, steel

Ring sizer, plastic

Ring sizer, plastic


Have you got all the measuring tools you need? Then it’s time to see what you need and get them!

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