Learn to Make a Cherry Bangle Wire Jewelry

It’s weekend again and it’s time for sharing a wire jewelry tutorial! Let’s learn to make a Cherry Bangle Wire Jewelry!

I have some wire leftovers from a previous wire jewelry project and I don’t know what to do with it. It’s not that long and I hate keeping leftover wires because they just stack up until I threw them away. Thinking it’s not right to waste craft wire as they are expensive I decide to force myself to use it. Forcing myself thinking and be creative this is what I came up with!

reduced1A bangle with rich red pearls looking like yummy cherries on parade!Materials and tools needed:
6mm Red pearls
18ga Craft wire
28ga Green Craft wire
Clasp (hook style or any of your choice)
1.5mm size Pegs
6mm peg
Wire Cutter
Chain Nose Pliers
reduced2Bring up your wigjig and position the pegs like so.  I am using a Centaur.
reduced3On a diagram this is how you should position your pegs. Normally, you should use 6mm pegs only, but since I don’t have lots of 6mm pegs I am using 1.5mm pegs.Next is to determine the size of your bangle. Use this computation to determine the length of the wire to cut.size of bangle x 2 + 4 = length of wire to cut
Now with your wire, leave at least 2 inches tail and start to loop around the pegs until you reach your desired length.
Let’s say you have reached your desired length. On your first loop, wrap the tail end of the wire just before the loop 2 or 3x. Cut any excess wire and press with your flat nose pliers and make sure there are no sharp edges.
To add the pearls, cut a few 28ga green wire that you can comfortably handle. Wrap one end of the wire on the 2nd loop at least 3 times. Then insert a 6mm pearl and then continue to wrap onto the opposite side.








After you attach the pearl continue wrapping until you get to the 3rd loop.

Insert again a pearl and wrap on the other side of the loop at least 2x to secure the pearl.Now you need to pass thru the pearl again and come out the other side so you can continue to wrap until you get to the 4th loop. Keep wrapping until you have all loops with pearls.
To quickly show you how to attach the clasp when you reach your last loop slide in your chosen clasp.Now wrap the wire to secure the clasp. Cut any excess and press with a flat nose pliers to enure there are no sharp edges.
reduced14When you’re finished use a bangle sizer or any rounded object and form your bangle. Voila! Your Cherry Bangle Wire Jewelry!Copyright 2015
www.handmade-jewelry-club.comPlease do not copy or mass produce without permission.
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