Dreamcatcher Jewelry Making Tutorials

Everyone has dreams and we love having lovely dreams! Wouldn’t you like to be surrounded with good dreams? Then let us have us some dreamcatchers! Dreamcatchers can be made into jewelry pieces! So let us view some jewelry making tutorials that will teach us how to make lovely dreamcatchers and make them into bracelets, earrings and necklaces!

To make a dreamcatcher, is really simple. And with these jewelry making tutorials, you will have dreamcatcher jewelry! And you can customize and make some jewelry based on dreamcatchers as well!

So up first, here is an easy tutorial to make a dreamcatcher necklace! This piece is the size of a bracelet, so it is quite big, and if you like bigger pendants, this is the tutorial for you!

Tutorial by Juliette


So maybe you are interested to make smaller ones? Maybe for a bracelet? Or a smaller pendant? Then look at these two jewelry making tutorials and you will find that the steps are pretty much the same and you can make it 8 sided, or even 5 sided! It is really up to you to do as you please, these tutorials can act as a guide on how you would make a dreamcatcher, and you can modify it different kinds of beads, or without beads!

Tutorial by CWillardTutorial by Yolanda


Want even smaller dreamcatchers? Then adjust your round base and go ahead and knot away! As long as you have gotten the concept of the knots, you can do as big as you want and as small as you please! Color your dreamcatchers with bright colors for them to stand out! Check out these pair of earrings! They are the perfect eyecatchers as well!

Tutorial by LCTris95


Or maybe you want something inspired by dreamcatchers. Here are a couple of jewelry making tutorials that are inspired by dreamcatchers! Minimalistic dreamcatcher earrings and pendant for you make!

Tutorial by AkiTutorial by Aki



Be inspired and continue creating!


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