Pearls Jewelry Making Tutorials

Pearls some in different colors and shapes. You can use pearls as your focal bead or you could just use pearls in your jewelry designs. There are many types of pearls that you can find at jewelry shops. I actually like the feel of pearls, when it glides over your skin, it’s just a fascinating feeling! So do you want to have beautiful jewelry that consists of pearls? Then these jewelry making tutorials are perfect for this very purpose! Come on!

Let’s start with something simple yet creative. Here is a pair of earrings which are combined with ribbons! It’s a simple design where you sew the cluster of pearls into the ribbon and stick it onto the earring post! She shows detailed steps to guide so that you can achieve this lovely pair of petal earrings!

Tutorial by Disney


Next I have for today’s jewelry making tutorials is a bracelet where you have a mixture of pearls, rhinestones and lace! Such a pretty combination, and perfect for every lady! The bracelet has this vintage feel to it and would be lovely when paired with a lovely pastel flowered dress!

Tutorial by Bev



Do you like to crochet? Then this pearl necklace would be the project for you to work on! But you will be using wire to crochet the piece together! You can use any color of your choice, but this pink necklace gives off a coral feel and look to it! Something different for your day!

Tutorial by Cyndi



Maybe you would like to bead around beads, then let’s have some fun with this next tutorial! You get to bead around the pearls differently! And it is not hard at all! Beading around other beads has never been this easy!

Tutorial by bendytreefrog



Here’s a more complex way of beading with pearls, but totally worth it! Check out this Russian Spiral Earrings!

Tutorial by BeeJang


Want to work on something trickier? Making this chainmaille pearl bracelet will give you just that! Jump rings for bracelets and pearls infused in between!

Tutorial by Rawr.Rawr.x



I hope you have had fun with these jewelry making tutorials!


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