How to make wire teardrop earrings tutorial

Hello everyone:) It’s time for some teardrop earrings tutorial! But first things first, when it comes to wirework what tools do you think you should always have? Of course, we should have round, and chain pliers, and wire cutters. Mandrel is also handy for making circle shapes like rings and hoop earrings. Wire rounders also come handy to smooth the ends of the wire, especially if you’re making ear wires.

I do have these tools but there’s 1 tool that I can’t work without. It’s my wigjig tool!!!


This is my favorite tool and I must say, my heart for making wire jewelries 🙂 Since I’m not an expert on making wire jewelries, my wigjig tool does the thing for me 🙂 All I have to do is place the pegs on the wholes and imagine what shape, swirls and loops I can make. There is no limitation on what direction you’d like to go. You can go up, down, left to right or go around.I have had the tool since 2013. It’s a very sturdy tool!
teardrop earrings tutorialToday, I’ll show you a very simple wigjig pattern. I called the pattern, teardrops and I’ve turned the pattern into a cute pair of funky earrings!Materials & tools needed:
20ga copper wire
28ga copper wire
1.5-inch chain
8mm pearls
3mm pearls
jump rings
Wigjig (you can use Centaur or Cyclops)
1.5mm pegs
ear wires
round nose pliers

Position your 1.5mm pegs like how you see them on the graph. Since I am using a Centaur it is a half circle but if you’re using a Cyclops you’ll have a full circle, but still the position and distance of the pegs are the same.

You then cut 8 inches 20ga copper wire. From one end of the wire measure 2 inches and from 2 inches, start to loop the wire on your wigjig.

teardrop earrings tutorialteardrop earrings tutorial

Pull the wire from the wigjig. You will see that there are gaps at the start of the teardrops. Take your round nose pliers and pinch to close the gaps. Do these for all the teardrops.

teardrop earrings tutorialteardrop earrings tutorial

For the extended wires, insert 8mm pearl and make a loop. Then bring up your 3mm pearl. Place on the teardrop and wrap with 28ga copper wire.

teardrop earrings tutorialteardrop earrings tutorial

To turn into earrings cut 1.5-inch chain and use jump rings to attach the chain onto the wire teardrops. Attach your ear wires and voila! You have your new pair of handmade earrings!

I hope you like my teardrop earrings tutorial I shared. Now, isn’t is simple but creative? Here’s something exciting! You can use this basic pattern to create the Divine Pendant!

teardrop earrings tutorialteardrop earrings tutorial
Wire jewelry tutorialUsing a wigjig tool is so much fun! With the Divine Pendant you’ll learn how to create continuous teardrop shapes with wire embellished with pearls and then shaped into a triangle. The pendant is lightweight and it’s finish gives you options how you would like to create the necklace part. You can use chain, beads and round leather.The tutorial is suited for intermediate to advance level.  One must already know how to wire-wrap and should be comfortable working with wires. It has in-depth instructions and ultra-clear, close-up photos at each step. Additionally, you can ask me question you have on the tutorial. No more getting stuck and frustrated on a confusing or just plain inaccurate pattern.

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    1. thank you for posting this. I really like working with wire but do not have a lot of time to do so. I like this shape and now know how people do it. I appreciate you posting this.



      • Hello TerryM 🙂 We’re happy that you like the post. We’re hoping that you’d be able to use the techniques in your jewelry making. Stay tuned and keep visiting the blog because we’ll be sharing more tutorials in future posts 🙂 Cheers!


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