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Links not only link your jewelry together to keep different beads or chains together, they also add decorative value to your jewelry designs. Jewelry designs may come across our minds comes to us without realizing it. It may be some small unique detail that you may have seen while walking by a building or it may be from colors from a painting.

Links come in a large variety of choices. And like any other jewelry findings, there are many interesting and unique choices of links that you can use in your jewelry making!

Here’s an example of some basic links for you. Simple design and you can use it in any designs that you want.

Link, sterling silver


Some links also come with more than two holes. You can add more charms or beads to it to spice up your designs and it will indeed make your jewelry making designs more unique!

Link and drop mix, Chinese mussel shell (dyed/coated)

Antiqued silver-finished “pewter” (zinc-based alloy)


Want something eye catching? Why not have links that are in the shapes of stars or embedded with rhinestones or words that inspire you to reach for the skies? Dream big and high!

Sterling silver links, mixed style / shape / size

Glass rhinestone and antiqued silver-finished “pewter”

Focal, Blue Moon Beads®, antiqued silver-finished “pewter”


We can make our own links for that personal feel but did you know that there are handmade links which you can purchase as well?

Check out these couple of designs of links which will inspire you and you can take your time in experimenting!

Link mix, glass and silver-finished pewter (tin-based alloy)

Link mix, glass and silver-finished “pewter” (zinc-based alloy)


Maybe you like the kind of jewelry link that can pass off as the focal piece, then get the links that are big enough to fulfill just that!

Link, Blue Moon Beads®, acrylic and “pewter” (zinc-based alloy)


You can link parts of your jewelry together with jump rings, but you can always spice up your jewelry making designs with awesome and stunning links! So why not stock up on links so that you can have an interesting and colorful adventure?

Link your ideas together today!


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