Round-Up Free Jewelry Making Tutorials and Jewelry Making News

Good day everyone!! 😀 It is a lovely Sunday and it is time for our weekly round-up of free jewelry making tutorials and jewelry making news!

So, have you missed a post? Here’s our weekly compilation of free jewelry making tutorials and jewelry making news!

full_108364_2F2015-04-05-230428-IMG_0466Faux Marble Jewelry Making Tutorials Marble is a beautiful bead which you can use in your jewelry making journey! I really like the swirls in marbles! The swirls can really mesmerize a person. Look at marbles which are simply going to enhance your designs! Read more…
makethis-marianna-earrings-500x500Light Blue Jewelry Making Tutorials Hello my good people! How are you doing this fine day? Hope the skies are blue and that you are soaking in the sun and recharging for a brand new day! Read more…
11bBeading Tutorial with Flower Bud Earrings Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication ~ a quote by Leonardo da Vinci and I think having these pair of earrings will show that you have that simple, yet elegant taste. Read more…
Cobalt Blue Cluster NecklaceNight Blue Jewelry Making Tutorials You can paint the color onto a canvas or if you are not feeling a lil’ low, you can say that you are feeling blue! As like other colors, blue has different shades and have different names such as turquoise or teal! Read more…
Thread-Spiderwire-Other-Plastics---p3932bsbBeading Thread for Jewelry Making When it comes to beading, we have quite a number of stringing material that we use to put our beads together to make our designs. And one of those stringing materials is beading thread. Beading threads are very useful and handy when we thread our beads. Read more…
earSimple Wire and Bead Jewelry Making Tutorials Here’s to a good start to an awesome weekend! Are you ready to pump up your weekend with jewelry making tutorials that you can follow? Are you as excited as I am? Are your fingers itchy to start crafting and put together awesome jewelry that you can proudly show off to friends and family? Read more…


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