Polymer Fruits Jewelry Making Tutorials

Polymer clay is one of the interesting and fun medium that you can use to create jewelry. You can make anything with it! You can create beads with polymer clay or you can create charms straight away! You can make technically everything from this interesting medium! Here are some jewelry making tutorials for you to check out and be ready to get your hands warm up for some amazing pieces!

First up, something simple for you to follow and create. A simple watermelon which you can turn into a pair of cute earrings or charms for your jewelry pieces! Don’t you feel like having a slice of watermelon right now?

Tutorial by SugarCharmShop


Next are some beautiful red strawberries which are glazed and so delicious looking! You can make one side flatter to make it easier to glue on the ear studs!

Tutorial by Ice Pandora


Though this next tutorial is not like the above two where you create the whole rounded fruit,  it shows how you can still create fruits without having to create in 3D and still have lovely charms!


Tutorial by Rebecca


Here’s a couple more of polymer tutorials which you follow and you can refer to them as jewelry making tutorials because you can turn them into jewelry pieces! For the orange cane tutorial, you can use the method of pinching like in the watermelon tutorial at the start of this post to achieve half an orange!


Tutorial by Candy


Tutorial by ToniEllison


Though you may have difficulties in the beginning when you follow jewelry making tutorials, do not be discouraged and stop. Try and try again till you have a whole bunch of lovely fruit jewelry pieces to show off!


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