Night Blue Jewelry Making Tutorials

You can paint the color onto a canvas or if you are not feeling a lil’ low, you can say that you are feeling blue! As like other colors, blue has different shades and have different names such as turquoise or teal! Today I’ll be going to the darker side of colors – into dark blue jewelry making tutorials!

Jewelry making tutorials are a joy to follow and to hunt for! This is because you never know what you may come across and it is fun to be able to have different tutorials to follow, because different designers have different designs which may inspire us to make our own jewelry!

First up I have here a nice bracelet with dark blue beads! I love how the blue beads stand out against the gold wire. Simple yet elegant piece of jewelry!

Tutorial by Oyindoubara


Or maybe have some simple fun with rhinestones? These jewelry making tutorials are very simple to follow and it will make a fun project for kids and also a good way to introduce them into the beautiful world of jewelry making!

Tutorial by DivyaTutorial by Jenni


Other than that, here are also a couple of dark blue necklaces which you can try out! Why not use blue beads and create a masterpiece? Or you could just paint on the color onto a piece of jewelry which also doubles up as a canvas to show your artistic side!

Tutorial by RebeccaTutorial by Donatella



Last but not least, here are a couple of jewelry making tutorials which makes sets of jewelry pieces! They are also simple and straightforward and this shows what anyone can design jewelry pieces and there is no stopping you from doing so!

Tutorial by MeghanTutorial by nikimeiners



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