Faux Marble Jewelry Making Tutorials

Marble is a beautiful bead which you can use in your jewelry making journey! I really like the swirls in marbles! The swirls can really mesmerize a person. Look at marbles which are simply going to enhance your designs! We all know that a little detail goes a long way! In today’s tutorial, we will be looking into some jewelry making tutorials to make us some faux marble.

It amazes me how those swirls can be so easily obtained in these tutorials! It is so straightforward and so easy to do. These tutorials are really simple and it really is friendly for beginners! Anyone can do it, and it really makes a good project for bonding!

You can follow these jewelry making tutorials and make different designs of jewelry and strut around proudly! First are the basic on how to get the marble effect in your polymer clay. All you have to do is to combine two or more colors (it really is up to you), and then just roll them around until you are satisfied with the swirls on the clay! Then you can do anything you like with it!

 Tutorial by Francesca Tutorial by Lisa


You can flatten the piece and make it into a pendant, or you can cut out a shape of your choice, and you can make it into beads to string them onto your jewelry design!

 Tutorial by Meghan Tutorial by ATGlittered


Once you have gotten a hang of it, you can make it into many shapes and you can decorate it as you please! Like the design below, it is wrapped around in aluminum, and you can see by just doing something simple, the effect is on a different level of amazing!

 Tutorial by Natasha Alt


We also have this design for a marble ring which is just a work of art!

Tutorial by LuvableNails


On another note, you can also create the faux marble effect by just painting the designs on a glass piece!

tutorial by Ujjal Vallabh


Happy marbling!




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