Eyepins for Jewelry Making

Hello again my wonderful DIY people! How has your week been so far? Hopefully it has been a fruitful one and that you have managed to finish up any pending work so that you can have some relaxing time over the weekend! Do you use a lot of eyepins in your jewelry making? These jewelry making findings are really handy as you do not need to manually create two loops to complete the piece.

I wrote about headpins not too long ago and like the eyepin, these jewelry findings make a lot of difference and we really will miss it, if it ceases to exist! Eyepins come in many materials and depending on what you are going for, it is always good to have done research on them before buying!

For example, there are different materials used to make eyepins. They have niobium, stainless steel, copper and brass. Depending on what you need it for, and how heavy the bead is, you will then be able to know which eyepin to get for your jewelry making!

Stainless steel does not rust so they are silver in color. They do not chip off as they are not plated with any colored paint. It is durable and if you want something that can last for a longer period of time, then go ahead and pick this!


Niobium eyepins come in an array of colors. They are colored and can match with any colored beads of your choice! So you do not need to worry if they eyepins will make your jewelry making designs will have odd colors (only if that is your intention)!


Here we have also brass eyepins but they are gunmetal, gold and silver plated.




Other than that, these eyepins come with some embellishment! Ain’t that just awesome?



There are so many eyepins to choose from for your jewelry making, and this makes your world a more colorful and interesting place doesn’t it?


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