DIY Ring Jewelry Storage

Do you have trouble organizing your ring collection? Do you like, tons of rings all in one jewelry box and you find that it is a hassle to rummage through the whole heap of rings just to find the right one to wear? So here’s some jewelry storage ideas which you can try out and keep your rings neat and it take a jiffy to find the ring of the day!

In my opinion, it should not take a long time for anyone to choose jewelry pieces to pair with your outfits. So the DIY ring box or holders that I have found are really going to help you sort out your beautiful rings!

Are you ready for some fun and amazing DIY’s? Here’s the first one! It is  a ring box where all you need is a box and some foam!

Tutorial by Michele Ng


This next DIY jewelry storage is similar to the first one; but instead of using foam, the designer used felt as the base for the rings to rest on! I think using scrap cloths would do the trick too! You just have to make sure that the scraps of cloth are in one bundle and not all over the box!

Tutorial by Oyindoubara


This next DIY ring holder is easy too! The original idea was to use a cork board or wood blocks, but because she did not have one with her at the time, she used a canvas and some thumbtacks to do the trick! And other that this brilliant idea, she also used earring backings to keep the thumbtacks from falling! Now ain’t that just a neat idea?

Tutorial by Elena


The last DIY jewelry storage for rings is a friendly 8-legged creature! It is an octopus ring holder! You can follow the instructions and make this octopus or you can create maybe a tree with many braches curled upwards and you can hang your rings at the branches!

Tutorial by Georgia


To keep your jewelry pieces neat and save time, be creative and let your jewelry storage be one that is interesting!

Here’s a tutorial for an amazing ring which you can try out too!



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