Beautiful Bicone Jewelry Making Tutorials

Bicones are shaped like little diamonds. They have many facets and they are really pretty to behold. And like other beads, they come in different sizes and also different finishings. You can really do a lot with bicones and somehow, in my humble opinion, the outcomes of the designs are really amazing and elegant looking! I have brought together some jewelry making tutorials which uses bicone shaped beads!

For starters, here is a tutorial which is easy and can be your project starter if you, by any chance, have yet to work with bicones! The materials can be obtain very easily at any jewelry shops so you do not need to worry that you do not have the materials!

Tutorial by Adrianne



Here is another tutorial for a simple designed ring! This tutorial shows you how to make the top part of the ring as a separate piece from the band, this is so that you need only to change the band if the band breaks! Now ain’t this designer smart? 😀

Tutorial by Andrea



Next are two jewelry making tutorials in the form of videos for you to watch! The designs are pretty and the instructions are easy to understand, so once again, you do not need to fret that it is too advance for a beginner! Try these jewelry making tutorials out and you will be the owner of beautiful earrings!

Tutorial by TheHeartBeading


Tutorial by HoneyBeads1


I have here a couple of tutorials for some beautiful bracelets using bicones! Both jewelry making tutorials are good to challenge your brain and your hands! It is good to always try new tutorials to stimulate the brain to recharge and think of new designs!

Tutorial by BeeJang


Tutorial by offthebeadedpath


Bicones are indeed pretty and they do add that sparkly shine to your designs! So don’t wait any longer and let’s get going and get some bicones for some designing!

Check out this tutorial for yourself and try it out!


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