Wired Jewelry Making Tutorials

So far, we have seen a lot of wire jewelry, and it indeed is an interesting medium to create jewelry pieces. Just like all the jewelry in the world, it is always being used and new designs are always being updated on the internet! Jewelry making designs are constantly being uploaded for all of us to refer, to try, and to be a part of!

These jewelry making tutorials uses wire, and the designs are amazing! Refer to these tutorials and you will be able to have your own wire jewelry to add on to your ever growing jewelry collection.

Up first for you, is this cute wire wrapped ring, which you can use to wrap any bead, or stone and wear it around your lovely finger/fingers! In no time, you would be able to have lovely rings and also gifts to give away!

Tutorial by Muhaiminah Faiz

We also have bracelets which use wire to string on the beads and also plait the wires to come up with different and unique designs. You can twist all you want, and to your heart’s content.

Tutorial by Little Red Robin Tutorial by craftknowitall


Here are also some wire earrings which uses beads, bugle beads, and also shrink plastic made beads! There are so many types of beads which can be used in a pair of earrings, and it really is up to your creativity to come up with unique designs, which are personal to you!

Tutorial by Tonia Tutorial by Zoraida


Tutorial by Emi


Lastly, here is a pendant wrapped in wire, and this design is really beautiful, I have already prepared the gold wire and it wraps beautifully around this stone! It really enhances the stone in this pendant! It really attracts attention like a moth to a flame!

Tutorial by Mavis


There a lot jewelry making tutorials floating around the internet, and it is a place where you can find new tutorials, new methods of jewelry making, and also the internet is a place where you can showcase your work to the world!

Happy wiring!


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