Netted Up Jewelry Making Tutorials

A very good day to all of you! I came across some jewelry making tutorials that involved the pattern that resembles a net. I was looking at them and boy oh boy were they beauties. As usual, I cannot wait to share these jewelry making tutorials with you! I mean, come on, they are net shaped or look like nets! Haha

Nets are used to catch things right? So what is the purpose of having and wearing netted jewelry, you ask? Of course it is so that you will be able to catch or capture the hearts and attention of your anyone who sees your jewelry! 😀

First are some netted stone jewelry making tutorials. They carry their own design when you net around the stones! Be it bracelets or necklaces, they still look amazing! You can make rings or earrings with this technique too!

Tutorial by KatieTutorial by Wei


Tutorial by Daniela


Using cords or strings not what you want? Then try wrapping the stones or beads using wires! It has a sleeker look and feel to it and the outcome looks so elegant! Can’t wait to try it? Me too!

Tutorial by Meesh


Why not try making a net like piece of jewelry by using beads? These two jewelry making tutorials are amazing! Beaded nets! Who would have thought of it? I know I didn’t really thought about it! The tutorials below teaches you how to start and to end the design, would be like any other jewelry making designs!  Simple enough right?

Tutorial by MortiraTutorial by Mortira



This video tutorial teaches you how to make a netted heart bracelet and necklace. It is pretty simple to follow and by the time you finish this piece, you will be a proud owner of a pretty netted jewelry set that will capture the attention of other jewelry makers when they pass you by! Neat way of meeting new friends eh?

Netted heart bracelet and necklace tutorial by sunriseflare


Have a wonderful day!



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  1. Thank for sharing such beautiful ideas, truly enjoy .. and will be so happy to make some of them.




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